Unlock the Potential of ESSER Funds!

Unlock the Potential of ESSER Funds!

Posted on August 5th, 2023

ESSER Funds, what are they, how do you get them, what can you spend them on, what strings are attached to them?

The Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief (ESSER) Fund passed in 2020 and 2021. As part of the CARES Act to serve as relief to schools during the pandemic. In the early years of this relief, leaders invested these dollars on connectivity to allow students to engage in learning from home. Many schools weren't prepared for this type of learning, and the funding helped them to accomplish this. Still though, some have funds left to spend, and they're unsure on what to spend the funds on. All the while, running out of precious time before the funds must be used.

ESSER II funds must be spent by September 2023, and ESSER III funds required to be planned for and spent by September 2024. ESSER III funds, commonly referred to as the ARP (American Rescue Plan, ESSER III), includes everything in I and II, with an additional $122 billion for K-12 education. While most districts have possibly already spent their ESSER I & II funds, the ARP is where districts can take these funds to their full potential by way of 21st century learning, and eSports Innovation labs. The time to allocate these funds is now.

Empower 21st Century Learning with ESSER Funds!

Transform your classrooms into dynamic spaces that foster creativity, collaboration, and innovation with the help of ESSER funds. Discover how to create 21st-century flexible learning environment that inspire students to thrive in an ever-changing world.

The Power of Flexible Learning Graphic

Maximize the potential of ESSER funds by investing in 21st-century flexible learning environments. Upgrade your classrooms with:

Flexible Furniture
- Versatile desks, chairs, and seating arrangements that adapt to any teaching style.
Collaborative Spaces
- Create breakout areas for group projects and discussions.

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Empowering Education Through eSports and ESSER Funds!

Join the digital revolution! Utilize ESSER fund to enhance education through eSports. Transform your learning spaces with state-of-the-art furniture that promotes collaborative and immersive gaming experiences.

Why Invest in eSports Furniture?

Make the most of your ESSER fund by investing in eSports furniture. Equip your school with gaming chairs, ergonomic gaming stations, spectator furniture, and more! Partner with reputable vendors like mediatechnologies who understand the unique needs of educational institutions as it relates to eSports. We Know the Game!

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Access to ESSER funds is facilitated on a state level. Check to see how you can apply in your state.

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