Moisture Barrier

Moisture Barrier

Posted on September 23rd, 2019

Fact: Accidents happen.

Slips, spills and the inevitable call of nature that is heeded too late can ruin your upholstered furniture. In K-12 educational environments, this is a clear and present danger. The best protection from permanently messing up your upholstered goods is to plan ahead when selecting your upholstery fabrics. When selecting fabrics, look for the term “moisture barrier”. Fortunately, mediatechnologies offers moisture barrier fabrics and options to stop those not-so-pleasant liquids from soaking into and ruining the foam of your soft seating.

What does "moisture barrier" mean?

Liquid will not seep into the foam beneath.

How do you know if your fabric contains a moisture barrier?

Any coated fabric - vinyl, polyurethane or silicone is considered an impenetrable fabric that serves as a permanent liquid barrier on the furniture.

What if your fabric isn't coated?

  • All Crypton fabrics have a permanent moisture barrier via a backing that is applied to the material after it is woven.
  • A Crypton moisture barrier can be added to almost every fabric. (this increases the price per yard and usually requires a minimum yardage).

mediatechnologies offers a broad selection of upholstery from multiple fabric vendors. Did you know that they all have something in common when it comes to a moisture barrier? Yup. All our vendors provide coated fabrics as well as making the Crypton option available.

If you have any concern about a fabric being used in an area where liquid spills have the potential to happen, or users who my not heed the call of nature, take care in knowing that mediatechnologies moisture barrier fabric options can help provide the ultimate protection between you and…Eewww!

In a K-12 environment, accidents are inevitable.