Choosing Fabrics and Finishes!

Choosing Fabrics and Finishes!

Posted on January 8th, 2020

5 Steps to take when choosing fabrics and finishes:​

1. Start with color - do you have any existing colors that you need to incorporate? (i.e. school colors, corporate colors, existing casework or shelving, wall paint, or carpeting) Use your existing colors to dictate which direction you want to take the fabrics in your space. (if this is a new build, find out what color has been selected for the walls, or carpeting, or if there are other colors that will exist in the space)

2. Use the 60-30-10 rule when selecting color schemes. Typically neutrals are often used for permanent elements of the space, or large pieces within the space. (Think shelving, or maybe even work surfaces)

3. Create interest and balance with complimentary color schemes.

4. Use mediatechnologies website and planning tools - shows many fabric and finish options, and fabric company portals, along with finish designator tools to help you plan your pallet and choose the fabrics/finishes needed to complete your project.

5. Take your finish choices and lay them out on a black or white background. This will help to showcase the choices with out distractions. If you have existing paint, carpet, or finishes place them on the background as well. We encourage you to view finishes in your space (with existing lighting) or outside in the natural light. Out door lighting will provide the truest tones, while viewing inside your space you'll notice if the lights change the tone(s) at all.

What is the 60-30-10 Rule?
60% of the scheme is the dominate color

30% of the scheme is the secondary color

10% of the scheme is the accent color

Pro tip: use the 60-30-10 rule to impact your budget as well. Save the "statement-making" finishes and fabrics for your 10% accent colors.

What tools are available to assist with choosing fabrics and finishes?

Finish Kits, color Guide
If you need a little help making up your mind, reference mediatechnologies tools. All though a magic ball, cootie catcher and Hand of the King are not available through mediatechnologies, we believe if you have access to any of these wonderful tools... you may find the process can be fun!

A few notable tools that can assist you in your fabric and finish choices...

mayer TexTile3D - apply any mayer fabric to mediatechnologies furniture* to see what it may look like, save an image of that product to share with others, search available fabrics by type and grade, order fabric memos.

Stinsons see/sample/spec - Search available fabrics to quickly narrow down your options and streamline the specification process. Available Search Criteria like color, abrasion, moisture barrier, and grade. Order fabric memos.

Momentum 5Clicks - Search available fabrics, view available inventory, and Grades. Order memos.

Finish Designator sheets - Use these sheets (available on individual product pages for download or in the resources section of our website) to specify product finishes.

mediatechnologies Finish and Color Guide.

mediatechnologies sample kits area available via [email protected]