2021 was a an eventful year!

2021 was a an eventful year!

Posted on February 7th, 2022

Product Line Introductions

Cesar Table Base is available with casters and also with a two-tone powder coat

Cesar Desk and Tables

Cesar Desk & Tables – your new go-to for any space within the k-12 environment. The breadth of this table line allows for continuity throught the school. Offering 3 heights, in both static and mobile base styles, on demand height adjustable desk, optional flip top mechanism, the ability to house power and showcase a variety of color combinations and work surface shapes including square, round sprocket, trapezoid, rectangle, beanie, secil, d-tops, wave, crescent and roungle.

Vee Student Desk group with Hannah Chairs

Vee Desk

In an effort to provide users with a timeless design and specifiers with a cost-effective solution we introduce – Vee. It packs a competitive punch in terms of options and cost. A standard high-pressure laminate with wheelbarrow base style and a list price of $400, Vee offers surfboard visual communication, divider screens and backpack hooks as a standard option. This modified parallelogram can be combined in a variety of ways to product circles, rows and groups. Contact your sales representative for special project pricing!

TOT06-T18 TOTO 6" Deep Tote in Purple Martin

TOTO Totes

TOTO totes provide instructors with a versatile tool for organizing class materials by subject, lesson or student. Tote Tray systems can be installed underneath or within a variety of mediatechnologies desks, tables and storage solutions. Student desks with optional TOTOs include Cesar, Alba and Rockford; teachers’ desks includes Jane. Tables with optional TOTOs include Edison, Work+Box and Work+box dock. Storage with optional TOTOs include Rubix, Drift, mediatechnologies traditional casework and Elements by way of the appropriate rails or on a shelf as an independent storage container. Available in 9 poly colors as well as translucent for instructor who prefer a quick visual inspection of materials.

Product Line Re-Introduction


We are refocusing attention on our Elements collection for there is no better time to talk about true flexibility, outside of just furniture, in k-12 environments, than NOW. And there is no better manufacturer to position than mediatechnologies. Elements is a wall mounted, casework system that allows for furniture/accessories to be mounted, moved and removed with minimal damage to the building and no damage to the furniture. It is one of the most unique product lines in the industry and we are the first and only to offer this solution. Facilities Directors, Director’s of capital improvements, Directors of Innovation and Tech, architects and designers represent a few of the those end users who truly understand the value this type of solution brings.

Key Attributes:

  • It can be purchased incrementally. Phased projects result in less delays or concessions when construction is over budget. Shift dollars normally considered for Construction to F&E thus allowing for more flexibility in furniture specifications.
  • Allows for thoughtful design by room, based on teacher needs. No more wasted dollars on underutilized casework. Statistic show millwork accounts for 3-5% of total project costs.
  • Adaptability based on closings, expansions or repurposing spaces.
  • Ability to Repurpose. Fixed casework offers no flexibility
  • Flooring installation can be wall-to-wall. This means space reconfiguration without the coordination of other trades.
  • Elements is 6” off the floor. Easy to clean under. Room to store underneath. Also allowing 6 inches clearances in the even of natural disasters and flooring.

Contact your sales representative about our showroom sample program and additional training on this product!

Product Alterations

Wood vs. Steel Pedestals

We have altered our standard offering by way of pedestal storage. Effective immediately, we will no longer promote steel fronts/backs on any of our built-in or freestanding, static or mobile pedestal lines. This decision was based on three main factors:

  1. Material cost increases. Steel cost have increased upward of 25% resulting in higher product costs. Whereas laminate cost increases have been nominal. Our goal is to continue to provide quality products at a value with as few interruptions to F&E budgets as possible.
  2. Material availability – Laminate continues to be more readily available compared to steel. We will continue to use materials to ensure quality and timely production.
  3. More color options without the upcharge – usage determines whether a powder coat is considered “standard” or “premium”. Premium powder coats result in upcharges due to production time loss when making the switch from standard to premium. This premium is factored into the product cost and can increase the total project cost greatly depending on volume. This premium can be frustrating for specifiers. Whereas HPL’s and TFL’s have a set price for standard laminates and offer hundreds of color options and combinations without incurring an upcharge or extended lead times in most cases. Note, exterior fronts are now standard HPL, TFL, Oak or Maple; interior drawer components are black steel.
Wink and Indy MFD Pieces used in the Mediasharing Theater.

Wink & Indy Combos

Our Wink/Indy product lines are now faceted. Giving users a sense of real estate that belongs to them. Studies find students (as well as adults) – even pre-covid – prefer to have designated space; a perceived divide.

Product Line Extensions

Edison Table now available in 3 heights, depths and widths.

Edison Tables

Edison Tables deliver a heavy-duty, open or closed steel frame and leg system in 3 table heights, depths and widths. Available in dual or single-sided worksurfaces are standard in HPL, Trespa, or butcher block. A combination of open and closed storage options including totes, drawers and cabinets, make Edison one of the most versatile tables on the market, suited for a variety of including art, maker labs, STEM learning, and more.

RF-C6060S-29"H Rockford Fixed Height Sprocket Table

Rockford Student Desk & Tables

In response to Rockford’s growing popularity as a student desk solution, we now offer it in both fixed and adjustable height options. Our new fixed height is available in 3 overall heights - 25”, 27” and 29” on glides; casters add 2” to the overall height (27”, 29” and 31”). One desk style, suited for all age groups makes for a more manageable student desk inventory, continuity throughout a school district and ultimately greater buying power as a result of larger volumes.

Side profile comparison of the Forum Relax (orange) and the Forum Work Blue) lounge seats

Forum Lounge Collection

Forum Lounge Collection features a fresh, modern interpretation of a classic design. The latest addition includes a worktable with lightweight construction for ease of mobility within a space and a cantilever base design that nests closely to the user. Research shows posture in the classroom promotes concentration and learning. Our Forum collection now includes a new armless option with an additional 8-degree pitch to assist with concentration and extra comfort when paired with a work surface in any traditional or non-traditional learning environment.

Other important 2021 Highlights


With corporate headquarters in Shelby, Michigan, mediatechnologies is fully established throughout the United States, and proud to be one of the few US-based manufacturers in existence. All mediatechnologies product is built, sourced and assembled in U.S.A.

Standard Color Portfolio

Mediatechnologies adopted a new color coordination program utilizing Wilsonart’s THINK collection as a source of inspiration for our sprayons, powder coats, polypropylenes, PVC edge banding, as well as high-pressure and thermally-fused laminates.