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Multiple display cubicles adorn each face and are offset by layer. Display awaits your choice of high-pressure laminate and 3mm PVC edge-banding. Mobile cabinet sits upon 4 twin-wheel locking casters.

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  • Cabinet construction is 3/4" thick engineered wood side panels, sub tops, vertical dividers and shelves.
  • Top is 1-1/4" engineered wood and base is 2" engineered wood.
  • Three, Four or Five display cubicles per face.
  • Box finish available to be applied to all display faces is high pressure laminate.
  • Four twin locking casters are attached to the base.

Overall Dimensions
Depth: 24"
Width: 24"
Height: 38", 48", 60"


Vibrant Green 6901-58
Laminate Seating+


Seating+ Laminates for shell chairs and more is a collection of standard laminates for shell chair use.
Some of these patterns/colors are also available for tables.

These are special laminates selected for our Bella and Romak seating.
Can combine these laminates for a unique "front/back" appearance.

Minimum order: 10 (of the same laminate). Orders of less than 10 of the same laminate will incur an upcharge. Laminate choices outside of this range of selections will incur A set up fee. Dual Tone laminate is available (differing inside and outside laminate selections) will incur an additional fee.

Some of these patterns/colors are also available for tables.... hence the +

Neutral Twill 8826-58
General Laminates


Choose from any currently available standard high pressure laminate or check out other available options from Formica: Premium patterns or surface finishes may be specified but will incur an up-charge. Please contact factory.

Hardrock Maple-CP20332
Standard PVC Selections


PVC Applies to front edges as well as work surface edges in 3mm PVC.

* Indicates available for work surfaces only.