New Horizons

New Horizon's maker space was a home run, from design to installation!

Planning Drawing
mediatechnologies designers worked with Amtek to provide a beautiful makerspace.
The space was designed to incorporate multiple zones for students to focus and collaborate.

• A small group lounge/collaboration area provides comfortable Engage Lounge seating with tablet arms, Dreamer mobile privacy walls with acoustical materials to block out sound from other areas and a Crayon Table with stools to review programs and materials on screen with other peers.

• A large Group maker space with Work + Box Dock mobile storage tables, Edison Tables and Hannah Task Stools create a flexible area for students to work together in groups, and allows space to get their hands dirty and collaborate on large projects.

• A small group maker space utilizes Carlo Stools and Edison tables near the storage wall to allow students access to tools and materials while working in smaller groups and/or individually.

The entire space is flexible and adaptable to the needs of the user.

Fabrics Used: Stinson Ping Pong Cayman, Momentum Silica Element Amazon. Finishes: Sprayons - Dove Light Grey and Black Cat. Powder Coats - White, Black. TFL - Nova Black, Sunset Grey. HPL - Gull Grey Butcherblock Maple, Markerboard white.